Astronomical Computation in the Pre-Modern World: Methods – Tables – Accuracy

09:30 - 17:30
Institute for the History of Knowledge of the Ancient World, Freie Universität Berlin, Holzlaube, Fabeckstraße 23–25, Room: 2.2058, 14195 Berlin
In the context of the ERC Project Zodiac-Ancient Astral Science in Transformation
Lecturing Person
Mathieu Ossendrijver
Thomas Peeters

This workshop brings together specialists of predictive methods in pre-modern astronomy. The focus is on zodiac-based computational methods in ancient Babylonia,

Egypt, and the Greco-Roman world (ca. 400 BCE – 400 CE) and pre-modern computational methods in other regions, communities, and periods (ca. 400–1500 CE).

Topics of discussion:

  • New approaches and results in the area of table cracking and reconstruction of algorithms
  • Interpreting a multiplicity of predictive methods
  • Accuracy and efficiency of astronomical computation
  • Predictive toolboxes
  • Astronomical tables: notations, layout, non-textual features, material features


We kindly ask anyone interested in attending to RSVP before 1 April by writing to and providing your full name, country of residence, and affiliation (if any),

and indicate whether you want to attend in person or remotely.